This page provides some further information about the activities that Passion4Life undertakes to raise funds for charitable projects around the world. The page will be regularly updated so that you can see how your support and contributions make a huge difference to the lives of other people!

We will also display images taken at our charity collection venues so that you can get a better understanding of what Passion4Life actually does.

One of the first Passion4Life events organised took place in October 2014: a sponsored bicycle ride in Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Ho Tram, a total of around 160km. Passion4Life founder Lars rode the arduous journey through spectacular surroundings, with his family acting as his support team waiting at the finish line.

The ride was to raise money for two projects: the first seeking to improve water safety in Ho Tram and the other was the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. A total of $1,856 was raised by the event, of which every cent went directly to support both projects.

Since that time, the scope of Passion4Life has grown and our charitable work now sees us provide financial support to a range of projects that support those affected by cancer, including a children’s cancer hospital in Spain, and more general support to a number of charitable organisations that seek to assist the underprivileged and those in need.

One of the cornerstones of the Passion4Life vision is that our assistance and support should be directed towards those who really need it and we recognize that new ambassadors will spread our support even wider to projects, organisations and individuals that require help. That is why we are keen to encourage new ambassadors to become members of the Passion4Life team – you can help us help those who really need it.

There’s no experience or qualifications required to become a Passion4Life ambassador; just the belief in positive change and the initiative and determination to make a difference. With those credentials, there is little that can not be overcome.