ABOUT Passion4Life

Passion4Life is the brainchild of a small group of like-minded people who recognise the importance of breaking the cycle of poverty. We aim to provide assistance and support to a number of deprived individuals and groups across the globe, from the Scandinavia, Mediterranean to South East Asia. We know we can make a difference to those less fortunate than us.

Every contribution matters – we believe it’s better to do something and give a little back to those who really need it. We raise funds to donate to a range of charitable projects through:

Passion4Life is 100% non-profit and EVERY cent of EVERY dollar raised via donations or sales goes directly to the various organisations and projects.

We can all make a difference; we just need to have a little Passion4Life for people less fortunate than the likes of us and our families. Something that might seem small to us can be enormously significant to those in need.

If you recognize any of this in yourself and we’re speaking your language then join us and join the Passion4Life journey. It WILL make a difference to someone, somewhere, much worse off than you are.

We are always looking for new Passion4Life ambassadors; people with a “can-do” attitude who will drive their own projects with initiative and determination and continue to help us make a positive contribution to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

All the best